Software Solutions

Foundation Technologies has over ten years experience developing enterprise-level technology for web and mobile app platforms.

Professional Consulting

We offer a wide range of professional services from IT management to software development. Let our experts help you with

  • Project Management
  • Agile Team Management
  • Research and Planning
  • Architecture and Design
  • Software Development
  • Infrastructure

IT Management Services

Professional team strategies molded to fit your techonlogy


Let our team of professional analysts save you time and money by finding the most efficient solution by providing you with detailed research documentation. Strategically create timelines, manage risks, and eliminate reworking solutions with the most accurate information possible.


Improve software quality, increase productivity, and improve user experience with professional architecture and expert-level functional design. From software to graphic design, our team of professionals will work with your stakeholders to create detailed specifications.

Software Development

Give us a set of requirements, and we will manage the entire development process to design, develop, test, and deploy a complete software solution that fits your business needs.

Outsourced Development

Expand your capacity by outsourcing project work to our team of highy trained software developers. Manage the process internally or let your project managers work with our team leads.

Quality Control

Improve user experience by eliminating all issues with your software systems. Let our team of professional testers work with your developers to catch bugs before your customers catch them for you. Improve development process with detailed issue reporting.


Streamline your deployment and delivery through managed deployment process. Minimize risk and downtime with secure backup and data recovery services.

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